LaraconEU recap - 2017

My first LaraconEU was a blast. In this post I want to give you my highlights of LaraconEU 2017.

Starting with Laravel Echo and PusherJS

Get started with Laravel Echo in Laravel for realtime chat functions using PusherJS for the socket connection.

How to use PHP solarium in a Laravel project

Think its hard to start with SOLR? Guess again; It is a breeze to start with SOLR within a Laravel project and I will show you how.

PHP Solarium Multi-Select facets with SOLR

How to use multiple selects with SOLR for a guided navigation. Handy for filtering with multiple selections for a given list.

Starting with Laravel Valet on OSX

Laravel Valet is for local development on you OSX machine. I came across some issues getting started and wanted to share that with you.

Installing Laravel Homestead on OSX

From time to time I need to reinstall my Mac, and this guide helps setting op Laravel Homestead for local PHP development. But how did I setup those PATH settings again? Lets begin..